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Can I cut plywood with a trimming saw

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Plywood trimming refers to the use of plywood in the finished product or interior decoration. The plywood trimming saw produced by our company is also called the four-sided saw.

 Before we talked about the trimming equipment of plywood, there are single circular saw trimming machine, double circular saw trimming machine, three circular saw trimming, four circular saw trimming, and the double trimming before the finished plywood finished. The combination of the sawing and trimming machine, the plywood finished product is processed into furniture or interior decoration, and the single circular saw trimming machine is used. The single circular saw trimming machine can be fixed or not fixed, Small size, light weight, easy to move.

Plywood trimming saw


In the above picture, it is a fixed-size single circular saw trimming machine. Professional furniture manufacturers generally use this kind of custom furniture.

Plywood trimming saw


In the above picture, the single circular saw trimming machine with smaller volume and adjustable angle is used in general interior decoration.

The four-side saw for plywood produced by our company is a professional plywood trimming machine, which is mostly used before the finished plywood. According to the degree of automation, it can be divided into artificial sawing edge, semi-automatic sawing edge and fully automatic unmanned sawing edge. According to the size of the cut plywood, it can be divided into: 3*6-foot four-side saw, 4*8-foot four-side saw, and adjustable size four-side saw. Below I will explain separately according to the degree of automation:

1、Artificial sawing four-sided saw. It consists of two simple double-circle saw trimming machines, which need to manually push the plates for trimming. This four-side saw device is low in cost and low in energy consumption, but it has low work efficiency and low safety, requiring 4 workers to operate. And there are some errors in the size of the panel. This four-sided saw is now only used in some small factories.

2、Semi-automatic sawing four-sided saw. It is made up of two standard double circular saw trimming machines. The mechanical arm holds the plywood and automatically pushes the plywood for trimming. It is equipped with an automatic stacking system. This equipment requires 2 manual operations. The precision of this equipment is high. Save labor and work efficiently.

3,Complete automatic unmanned four-sided saw. This equipment is also composed of two double circular saw trimming machines. The mechanical arm is used to hold the plywood and then automatically push the plywood for trimming. It is equipped with an automatic stacking system. The most important thing is that this four-sided saw is equipped with a vacuum chuck. Grab the plywood to the feeding table to complete the automatic upper plate work. This equipment does not need to be operated manually. Some large manufacturers have connected the sander assembly line and the four-side saw line in series to form a complete automatic assembly line of finished plywood.

Through the above explanation, we believe that you have a general understanding of the plywood trimming machine, you can purchase the corresponding products according to your needs. Our main products also include veneer peeling machine and log debarker .If you are interested in our products, please contact us, we will bring you professional and enthusiastic service.




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