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Changsheng 4-feet veneer peeling machine

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At present, our factory's 4-feet high-speed veneer peeling machine is exported to South America, Southeast Asia, India and other countries and regions. Below we explain this device in detail.

4 feet veneer peeling machine


The picture above is a 4-feet spindle less veneer peeling machine exported by our company to Southeast Asia and India.

1、The main components of this veneer peeling machine are: knife table, single friction roller table, double friction roller table, machine base. These four main components are welded by the rear steel plate. The assembled parts are all made of standard parts. The assembly can be completed only by screw fastening. The assembly parts are welded without welding, and the mounting parts are provided with positioning pins. The mechanical standard parts are universal, which is convenient for customers to maintain and repair the equipment, saving the cost of the customer's reserve parts.

2、This single-double friction roller of rotary cutting machine is driven by double 7.5KW motor, which can make the veneer peeling machine in high-speed running state for a long time. The advance and retreat motor adopts 7.5KW/11KW servo motor. The servo motor can control the speed and the screw advance and retreat position is accurate, and there is no phenomenon that the motor rotates. This veneer peeling machine can adjust the cutting speed to 60-100m/min, and the cutting knife motor adopts 2.2KW servo motor. The standard size of the cutting veneer is uniform.

3、This veneer peeling machine adopts double-head 24mm pitch. This screw advance and retreat position is accurate, wear-resistant and has large torque. It can work with all kinds of logs with diameter below 600mm. At the same time, the transmission shaft connecting the left and right screws adopts three-section components. The middle section is a combination of three pressure teeth. Each pressure tooth will adjust 0.2-0.3mm, which will not cause misalignment. The transmission shaft will not be shaken because the transmission distance is too long, and it is also convenient for later maintenance. It can also be used perfectly with the operation of the large torque screw to make the screw running position more precise.

4、The veneer peeling machine produced by our company adopts the aging vibration treatment of the turret, which can eliminate the tension generated by the welding, and the deformation of the turret will not occur in the future use. A customer inquiry asked: Will the slits in the middle of the rotary cutter be smaller after you use the rotary cutter? In this case, the manufacturer does not perform vibration aging treatment on the turret before assembly.

5、The height of this rotary cutter toe can be adjusted. When the customer rotates the small-diameter logs for a long time, just adjust the position of the tow card and tighten the screws. If it is a large-diameter log, it can be adjusted downwards.

6、The veneer peeling machine control cabinet produced by our company adopts well-known brand products such as Hongzhi. The rotary button can gradually increase the speed of the cutting, or can be accelerated by one button. The thickness of the veneer can be changed by operating the operation table, and the different trees can be mixed together to ensure the thickness of the veneer is uniform. The board is neat and tidy. The control cabinet has a single structure, simple operation and convenient maintenance, and saves 10% of electricity compared with the ordinary control cabinet.

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