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On plywood trimming saw can I use small blade ?

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This question is also frequently asked by customers when accepting customer enquiries. I will explain this to you today.

Here to tell you about the saw blade for plywood trimming saw.

The quality of the trimming edge has an important relationship with the cutting tool, not only to keep the sharpness of the props, but also to select the appropriate tool material and cutting edge parameters. The plywood trimming saw uses a toothed cutter, mainly a circular saw blade, which is divided into a single saw blade and a combined saw blade. The single saw blade has the function of cutting, and the combined saw blade not only has the function of cutting but also has the function of breaking and cutting the cutting edge strip.

The circular saw blade used for the four-side saw of plywood is divided into the following categories according to the type of sawing and the structure of the sawtooth.:

1、Longitudinal saw. Circular saw blade cut parallel to the fiber direction.

2、Cross-cut saw. Circular saw blade cut perpendicular to the fiber direction.

3、Hybrid saw. Circular saw blades that can be cut either vertically or horizontally.

Because the orientation of each layer of plywood is vertical, only the hybrid saw can meet the cutting requirements. This circular saw blade generally uses a carbide saw blade, which has the advantages of durability and neat trimming. The diameter of the circular saw blade is generally 150-305mm, which should not be too large. If the diameter is too large, the larger the diameter, the larger the force surface of the saw blade makes the saw blade easy to swing, which will make the edge of the plywood uneven and the sawtooth on the saw blade. The number is best between 60-100. The serrations should be guaranteed to be within a distance of 0.1 mm on one circumference. It is required that each saw tooth is evenly stressed during cutting, and the saw teeth cannot be blue-annealed and torsion-toothed.

Before cutting the four-sided saw, you need to cut two plywood first, then turn one of the plywood to match the other plywood to see if the edges of the plywood overlap, to check the accuracy of the edge of the four-sided saw.

The faster the four-side saw feeds, the faster the saw blade speed should be. The thicker the plywood, the slower the feed speed should be. If the sheet is cut, the faster the feed and sawing speed should be, so the smoother the edge of the plywood.

In the later period, we will also talk about the common quality defects and improvement methods when the four-side saw cutting work, so stay tuned.

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