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The difference between veneer peeling machine and laminate

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There are many kinds of laminates, which are glued together with PVC, graphite, solid wood panels and veneers as raw materials, and then pressed into a new sheet with increased thickness.

Here, we mainly talk about the laminate which is made of the veneer produced by the veneer peeling machine as the main raw material. It is a plate which is made up of several or more than ten veneers and then pressed, and can be used for making furniture and buildings. Interior decoration, cargo packaging and other fields. 

veneer peeling machine

Laminate is a type of plywood,In a narrow sense, it is plywood. The composition of the plywood is generally composed of face veneer, core veneer and surface veneer. The type name of the plywood is determined by the face veneer. For example, the Okoume plywood is made of veneer made of Okoume tree, and the Bintangor plywood is made of a veneer made of Bintangor trees. At present, the material used for core veneer for plywood is generally eucalyptus. The eucalyptus grows fast, has high hardness, and is easy to be rotary-cut into veneer. The smoothness of the veneer is very good, and it is distributed in Guangxi, Sichuan and other places in China. Plywood is generally an odd number of layers, so that the plywood longitudinal shear stress center point is on the middle core board, so that the strength of the plywood is strengthened. If it is an even layer, then the plywood shear center point is on the middle layer of glue, which will make the plywood slightly lighter. The surface plate is used at the bottom of the plywood, and some are strict on the surface plate, and some are lower. Plywood laminates require a symmetrical principle, and the corresponding veneer thickness and log species must be consistent so that the plywood laminate can achieve good quality. The veneer peeling machine is a necessary equipment for producing laminates plywood. If there is no good veneer peeling machine, high quality plywood laminates will not be produced. The core veneer of the plywood laminate is generally produced by 4 feet veneer peeling machine, and the thickness is generally 1-3mm. The face veneer and the surface veneer are generally produced by 8 feet veneer peeling machine, and the thickness ranges from 0.2mm to 1.5mm. In China, generally it is 0.2mm-0.6mm, while in European countries, the face veneer is generally more than 1mm. With the increasing production capacity of plywood, the world's large-diameter logs have been exhausted, which makes the market demand for spindle veneer peeling machines less and less, and the spindle less veneer peeling machine developed for small-diameter (<600mm) logs, demand is gradually increasing and widely distributed.

veneer peeling machine


The spindle less veneer peeling machine is generally composed of a drive motor system, a tool holder, a tool holder rapid advance and retreat mechanism, a friction roller, a feed transmission system, a feed slide seat, a machine base, a pneumatic system, and an electric control device.

4 feet veneer peeling machine


The driving motor is the main power of the veneer peeling machine. Some of the driving motors drive the friction roller to make the logs rotate, and the other part drives the tool holder to make the linear motion. Our company's veneer peeling machine also has a part of the motor to drive the rubber roller and the cutting knife to transport the veneer and cut the veneer. This kind veneer peeling machine has a very high precision for the equipment, and the transmission ratios of the friction roller, the peeling knife, the cutting knife and the rubber roller are required to be very precise. If an automatic veneer stacker is used, the transmission ratio of the veneer stacker to the veneer peeling machine should also be considered, and therefore the veneer peeling line is a very high precision in the production of plywood  laminates. 

veneer peeling machine

High quality veneer peeling machine is the premise for Plywood Veneer Production Line. There is a saying in China: sharpening the knife does not mistake the woodworker. Standard high-quality veneers can not only produce high-quality plywood laminates, but also save production costs for subsequent production.




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