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Veneer production line

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As manufacturer, we specialize in plywood veneer production line. We customize veneer production line according to customer’s requirements and their factory size.

Below is the veneer production line, just installed in our buyer’s factory.

Veneer production line

At the beginning of the line, there is a cutting saw. It is used to cut logs. This cutting saw is to cut the 2.6 m log into two 1.3 m logs. After the cutting saw, there is a log feeding machine for the debarker. The log feeding machine is used to transfer logs into debarker. There is a bark transmission connected with the debarker, to transfer the bark out of the debarker. This transmission device is decided by customer, some need, but some choose not to buy. And the debarker can with the crush bark function, can without this. This is also decided by customer.The crushed bark can be used to make OSB board. 

This line contains one log debarker, two veneer peeling machines and two veneer stacker.

One log debarker is used for two peeling machines. After the log debarker, there is device to transfer the logs into two lines. This device also with the position correction function. At the same time, it can transfer logs separately into two lines, according to the diameter of the logs. Logs with diameter between 40cm to 60 cm, will transfer into the peeling machine in the left side. And logs with diameter under 40 cm,will transfer into the peeling machine in the right side. It works automatically. This automatic transmission and position correction device can save much labor cost and at the same time can increase production efficiency. After this, there is log feeding machine for the peeling machines, to transfer the logs into veneer peeling machine. We have many different specifications of the peeling machine, specification is made according to the customer’s production. Our engineers will help to make the most suitable specification for customers. In this line, there are wood core transmission device. After veneer peeling, the wood core transmission can transfer the last wood core out. And the last step is veneer stacker. We also have different types of veneer stacker. You can see detailed information from our products. We can see from the equipment, this  is an automatic veneer production line. Many customers choose to buy this kind automatic veneer production line, because it can not only save labor cost, but also with high production efficiency. 

After production, we will test the line in our factory. And our technicians will come and install in buyer’s factory. 

As a professional manufacturer of veneer peeling line, we will surely provide our customers with best technical support and after-sale service.

If you have any need in machines, please feel free to contact with us. 




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