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4 Feet Spindleless Heavy Duty Wood Log Debarking Machine

Rubber wood special crushing bark and log debarker machine. The peeled bark is crushed for further processing. Save raw materials.
Total prower:
Max.log length:
Max.log diameter:
  • Changsheng

4 Feet Spindleless Heavy Duty Wood Log Debarking Machine 

log debarker machine

log debarker machine

Plywood machine : log debarker


       1.It is heavy duty log debarker machine , machine weight up to 6200 kg .

       2.Increase of single and double roller diameter, improving the speed of remove skin.

       3.Single, double roll surface with chrome plating, improve wear resisting of roller.

       4.The hydraulic feeding mechanism, a cutter, rapid, and feed pressure can be adjusted and display, adapt to different wood .

       5.Simple operation, convenient maintenance, requirements for operators and workers is not high technology.

       6.With hydraulic fedding system, it can work quickly and efficiently.

       7.One log debarker can supply two veneer  peeling machines. It can save the original manual peeling and rounding procedure, saving 5-6 workers.

      log debarker machine

       log debarker machine

      log debarker machine

       All of our plywood machines can be customized according to your production requirement.


log debarker machine

log debarker

log debarker

log debarker machine

log debarker

pre-sale service

      We provide best service according to your demand, such as prophase plan, examine on the spot, process flow design , customized equipment, design solution for complete production lines and operator training etc.

Service during the sales: 

      Send technicians to the customer's factory to install and debug the machine on site, train operators for free and you can also come to our factory to learn for free.

After-sale services:

      We provide one year warranty to make sure your machine runs consistently. We always keep certain inventory level of spare parts, which means the replancements can be shipped to your right away.  

log debarker

7 peoples

We have a professional after-sales service team with 7 professional technicians.There are 300 working days a year to serve customers.

20 years

We have been engaged in woodworking machinery for 20 years and have extensive industry experience.

365 days

We are waiting for your call for 365 days, providing you with services such as purchase and support.

3000 customers

More than 3,000 customers purchase our equipment and are satisfied with the equipment and service.

10000 experiments

Our factory has conducted more than 10,000 innovative experiments since its inception.

Only to produce the most suitable equipment for the customer.

log debarker


      In terms of production equipment, our company is equipped with plasma cutting machines, laser cutting machines, Lincoln brand carbon dioxide protection welding machines and other welding and cutting equipment. 

log debarker

      we have established friendly business relationship with famous brands spare parts supplier such as Siemens Motor, WEG Motor, Delta PLC, Inovance Inverter etc.

      log debarker

    Our main products are veneer peeling machine, log debarking machine, veneer stacking machine, peeling knife sharpening machine and veneer dryer and other related equipment. And our company can provide customers with a complete set of plywood production solutions according to customer needs.

      Our equipment has been exported to Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Gabon and other more than 30 countries, and has won wide recognition and praise from the customers.

log debarker machine

Changsheng Wood Machinery comes from China, serves all the world!





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