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8 Feet Plywood Making Log Debarker Machine

The feeding method of this debarker is gear and silding rail. It has the function of automatic knife slit adjustment, can improve 5
percent of the veneer output.
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  • Changsheng
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8 Feet Plywood Making Log Debarker Machine

Plywood machine : 8 Feet Plywood Making Log Debarker Machine

1. Heavy duty type log debarker, more stable and durable

2. The diameter of roller is 150mm, we can also customize the 200mm roller according to customer's logs.

log debarker

Power of Single Roller Motor KW 7.5*2
Power of Double Roller Motor KW 11
Power of Propulsion Motor  KW 4
Total Power KW 30
Single Roller Reducer
Double Roller Reducer
Diameter of Single Roller MM 150
Diameter of Double Roller MM 150/180/200
Roller Pattern
Vertical Grain/Twill Grain/Mace (Can Be Customized)
Peeling Knife Size MM 2700*140*12.7
Max. Log Length MM 2700
Max. Log Diameter MM 600
Min. Last Core Diameter MM 70
Machine Size MM (L)5200*(W)2300*(H)1500
Machine Weight KG 8000
Suitable For
Poplar, Cottonwood, etc

veneer production line

Can be customized according to customer requirements.

plywood production line

8 feet veneer production line

plywood veneer production line-水印压缩

4 feet veneer production line

 Our main products are veneer peeling machine, log debarking machine, veneer stacking machine, peeling knife sharpening machine and veneer dryer and other related equipment. And our company can provide customers with a complete set of plywood production solutions according to customer needs.


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