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Benefits of using the wood veneer peeling machine

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The quality of plywood depends to a large extent on the quality of the veneer, and because of this, the production of veneer is very important.

At present, the manufacturing method of the veneer includes the following three types:

First, Slicing 

The use of a slicer produces an aesthetically pleasing radial texture or a special textured veneer that is typically used as a decorative veneer for wood-based panels such as flooring.

Second, peeling

Veneer with a chord-like texture can be obtained by using veneer peeling machine. Manufacturing veneer by veneer peeling machine are the most widely used production methods in modern plywood production. The veneer peeling machine has high production efficiency and high utilization rate of logs.

Third, sawing

The sawing machine can be used to produce the same textured veneer as the sliced veneer, but the sawing method is more wasteful, and inefficient in producing logs. It is now rare to use sawing to produce veneers.

The basic principle of the modern veneer peeling machine has not changed, but the structure has been improved. The direction of improvement is: continuously improve the production efficiency of the peeling machine, improve the quality of the veneer peeling and increase the yield of the logs.

The most effective way to increase the efficiency of veneer peeling machines is to increase the speed of the veneer peeling machine and automate the production process. At present, the production speed of the spindle less veneer peeling machine for small diameter is up to 120 m/min, and it can realize automatic veneer stacker. It can be completed by one person from the log debarker to the veneer peeling,we call it automatic veneer production line. At present, our automatic veneer peeling line has been sold to Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Africa and other regions and countries.

Veneer production line

In addition to improving the manufacturing precision of the veneer peeling machine, the improved rotary cutting quality is also improved from the structure, such as the use of a ball screw instead of the ordinary feed screw, which ensures that the feed precision of the cutter bed is used to rotate the microblogging veneer. At present, our company adopts double-pitch screw to make the knife bed move more smoothly and accurately, ensuring uniform thickness of the veneer.

 Machine parts

 Increasing the rate of log output is to study the diameter of the remaining wood core after the peeling. The principle is that the smaller the diameter of the remaining wooden core, the better. The new spindle veneer peeling machine adopts a hydraulic double-clamping shaft and a pressure roller device for preventing the bending of the wooden core, and the diameter of the wooden core can be rotated to 50-60 mm.

veneer peeling machine

At present, the spindle less veneer peeling machine produced by our company is more reasonable than the traditional spindle less veneer peeling machine. The log is driven by the friction roller or the gear on its outer circle. According to the diameter of the friction roller, the remaining core diameter is also different, the minimum diameter of the spindle less veneer peeling machine we produced is only 27mm. This greatly improves the log rate of the log relative to the spindle veneer peeling machine, and the remaining wood core of the spindle less veneer peeling can be continuously cut on the wood core rotary cutting machine, and finally the remaining wooden core can reach a diameter of 3 mm. However, this equipment requires two people to operate at the same time. The remaining wood core of the spindle less veneer machine can also be used as the production of wood board. After the wood core center is sawed, the tile can be used as the core board of the wood board.

8 feet veneer peeling machine


Our company produces a variety of spindle less veneer peeling machines, you can refer to our product catalog, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will bring you enthusiasm and professional service.




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