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Create Trimming Saw Cutting Guides for Plywood

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Today we will explain the installation and operation instructions of the plywood trimming saw for plywood produced by our factory.

First we talk about the installation instructions:

1、Place the saw table assembly of horizontal saw at a distance of 1400 mm from the foundation pit of the lifting platform;

2、Place the cross-saw frame on the joint of the saw assembly of horizontal saw and fasten it with screws;

3、Measure the position of the saw table of longitudinal saw from the middle of the foundation pit of the lifting platform to the right of 4900mm;

4、Place the longitudinal saw frame in the middle of the saw table assembly of longitudinal saw to fasten the connecting plate;

5、Fasten the joint between the beam bracket and the longitudinal saw frame;

6、Fix the horizontal saw rail and fasten the plywood feeding platform on the track slider;

7、To ensure horizontal installation of the horizontal saw frame and the vertical saw frame, the horizontal saw and the longitudinal saw feeding platform should not produce friction, and the distance between the pusher and the longitudinal trolley is 3mm;

8、Install the edging machine on both sides of the longitudinal saw frame. The edging machine turns in the opposite direction to the longitudinal feeding platform;

9、The sawing machine motor rotates clockwise, opposite to the direction in which the plywood advances;

10、When the electric and pneumatic circuits are installed, find the terminal's sign to connect.

The following explains the operation instructions:

After the device is powered on, the control system displays the startup screen, which is divided into manual, setting, and monitoring screens. Can be operated according to the instructions provided by our factory. The four-side saw control system of our factory has become simple and easy to operate. Our first-time installation will be trained by our after-sales service personnel.

For the four-side saw, the maintenance of the equipment is very important. Check the wear of the saw blade before each boot. If there is excessive wear, it needs to be replaced. Check whether the feeding platform system is running normally, regularly fill the lubricating oil; check the circuit connection regularly. Loose, is there any leak in the gas path.

Compared with veneer peeling machine and sanding machines, the operation and maintenance of four-side saws for plywood are easier. With the development of technology, the dependence of the assembly line on labor is getting lower and lower, and the fully automatic assembly line has become a trend.

If you are interested in our plywood veneer production line, please contact us, we will bring you professional and enthusiastic service.




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