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How the veneer peeling machine works

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Veneer peeling machine is one of the important equipment in the plywood veneer production line.

The quality of plywood depends to a large extent on the quality of the veneer. Therefore, veneer manufacturing is one of the core sections of plywood production, and therefore the requirements for veneer peeling machines are very high in veneer production. Nowadays, with the development of technology, the precision of the veneer peeling machine is getting higher and higher, and the quality of the veneer has also been improved. Rotary cutting method is the most widely used method in the production of modern plywood. Rotary cutting method has high production efficiency and high wood utilization rate.

veneer peeling machine

 The working principle of the rotary peeling machine is to make the clockwise rotary motion of the logs,rotary peeling knife for linear feed motion by hydraulic or screw advancement. Rotary peeling knife is constantly approaching logs as the diameter of the logs decreases,thereby , the rotary peeling knife can cut a continuous strip-shaped veneer from the log.

Veneer peeling machine with spindle peeling and spindle less peeling. Their operating principle is the same, just the power source that drives the rotation of the logs is different.

The logs on the spindle peeling machine are clamped by the card shaft on both sides of the device. The card shaft is rotated by the motor to drive the wood to rotate. The card shaft is contracted by the hydraulic system, and the peeling knife is driven by the motor to move forward or backward linearly. The log on the spindle less peeling machine is driven by a friction roller to make a rotary motion, and the motor pushes the screw to rotate so that the peeling knife advances or retreats linearly. 

veneer peeling machine

Our high-end spindle less veneer peeling machine adopts the position of the peeling knife to fix the linear motion, but the screw pushes the double roller to advance or retreat linear motion. The advantage of this method is that the thickness of the veneer is accurate. The surface is smooth without burrs, and the surface of the veneer is not broken.

veneer peeling machine

No matter the spindle veneer peeling machine or the spindle less veneer peeling machine, in order to obtain a flat veneer with a flat surface and a uniform thickness during the rotary peeling process, it is necessary to ensure optimum rotary peeling conditions, such as angular parameters, peeling speed, and rotation. The position of the peeling knife, etc. This condition is determined by the type of wood, the diameter of the log, the thickness of the veneer, the heat treatment of the wood, and the precision of the peeling knife.

veneer peeling machine


Here is mainly to explain the angle value of the grinding angle of the peeling knife. The grinding angle of the peeling knife should be determined according to the material of the peeling knife, the thickness of the veneer, the type of wood, the temperature and the moisture content of the wood. The principle of the peeling knife cutting angle should be as follows: It is necessary to ensure the sharpness of the knife and the strength of the knife.

Log speciesPeeling knife grinding angle valueRemark
Soft broadleaf1830301Peeling knife hardnessHRC58-62,
Hard broadleaf19—21   The quality of the peeling knife is good,   and the angle value can be lower.
Extra hard broadleaf21—232The hard coniferous material such   as masson pine has an angle of 22.

In the actual production process, the cutting height of the cutting blade has a very important influence on the quality of the veneer.

veneer peeling machine

  Due to the species of logs, the conditions of peeling, the thickness of the veneer, the structure and precision of the peeling machine, etc., the height of the cutting blade can be positive or negative, even in the middle of the rotary cutter, higher than the ends of the rotary cutter.

We will gradually explain the factors affecting the stability of the veneer peeling machine. Thank you for reading this article. I hope that our explanation will help you.



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