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How to use veneer peeling machine

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The veneer peeling machine is an important equipment in the production of plywood, and its operating state directly affects the quality of the veneer, thus affecting the quality of the plywood. The use and maintenance of the veneer peeling machine directly affects the operation of the equipment. 

Operating the veneer peeling machine and the scheduled maintenance equipment according to the equipment instructions will not only stabilize the operation of the equipment, but also increase the service life of the equipment. Barbaric operation and delay maintenance will have a very bad impact on the rotary cutting machine, which will cause loose wear of the card shaft and the bearing, looseness of the pressure gauge frame and the tool holder, and loose wear of the lead screw and the nut. For example, the nut of the feed screw is worn, and the cutter bed is loose and retracted when the cutter is turned. At this time, the maintenance device should be replaced with a new nut.

veneer peeling machine nut


The veneer peeling machine produced by our company adopts zinc-based alloy nut. This nut is more wear-resistant and has a longer service life. The service life is 1.3 times that of the ordinary nut. Now the veneer peeling machine produced by our company has all been assembled with this kind of nut.

 If the main chute wears and presents a horseshoe shape, the height of the tool will change during the cutting process, and the angle after cutting will not change according to the law. In this case, the equipment needs to be reconditioned to restore the main chute. In response to this situation, our company adopts the linear guide roller produced by Taiwan Shangyin on the more advanced single-plate rotary cutting machine and connects the automatic oil supply system to make the track and the ball be regularly maintained to increase the service life, and the ball is guided by the linear guide roller. The veneer has a uniform thickness and a smooth surface. Moreover, it saves 20% of electricity compared to normal sliding. At present, the ball linear guide has been assembled to 60% of the equipment produced by our company.

Veneer peeling machine linear guide

Be sure to check the lubrication condition of the single-plate rotary cutting machine before starting the machine. Check the sliding parts of the machine, such as the main slide, the auxiliary slide, the lubrication of the feed screw, whether there is any debris, and it must be placed with sand and other hard parts. The object entered, and now our company assembles the linear guide roller products all equipped with the organ shield.

veneer peeling machine

Check whether there are any abnormalities in all parts of the machine before starting the machine. After power-on, first observe whether the motor and indicator are normal. Other running parts such as the main slide have noise or vibration. If there is no abnormality, the machine can be started normally. Our company's veneer production line can be remotely controlled, and the equipment can be connected to the Internet through a wireless receiver. Our company's after-sales personnel can check whether the machine is running normally in China, whether the control system is stable, and can check out 80% of equipment failures. Provide faster service. If the equipment is still unable to solve the equipment problem through remote operation, if the customer needs our company, we can dispatch the after-sales service personnel to provide on-site service.

If you want to have an in-depth understanding of the log debarkerand veneer peeling machine , please consult our sales manager, we will provide you with professional and enthusiastic service.

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