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Veneer Peeling Machine. Have The Best Quality

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In China, the low-end veneer peeling machine has a service life of 5-10 years, and the high-quality veneer peeling machine has a service life of 20-30 years. Here we will introduce the high-quality veneer peeling machine produced by our company.

Our high-end veneer peeling machine body and roller table adopt the casting production method. At the same time, important parts such as gear box and clamping table are made of casting body and roller table to make the equipment run stably, and reduce the parts between parts as much as possible. Distance error, the casting usually requires a six-month storage period to remove the stress inside the casting. Our company not only has the foundry and the casting heat treatment and quality inspection workshop.

Machine parts     Machine parts

 The connection between the single-roller motor reducer and the single-roller of the high-end veneer peeling machine produced by our company adopts gear connection. This connection method makes the equipment run more smoothly, and the single-roller power is stronger, which is more energy-saving than the chain connection method. The gearbox adopts the casting process, and the gears are all manufactured by our company's precision lathes, which can control the quality of the products intact and make the device size data more uniform.

veneer peeling machine               Machine parts

 China's first-class Nanjing precision art linear guide has been applied to the high-end veneer peeling machine produced by our company. At the same time, the linear guide is also applied to the cutter grinder , log debarker and plywood trimming saw. The linear guide rail can reduce the friction between the single roller table and the fuselage due to the movement, save energy, and at the same time improve the precision of the single roller table in linear motion, thereby making the thickness of the veneer at the production site uniform. The back of the veneer is smooth, in line with the requirements of high quality plywood in the European and American markets, and the service life of the linear guide is long, but the daily maintenance of the equipment must be done. First, the linear guide needs to be filled with lubricating oil regularly, followed by placing sand and other hard materials. The material enters the track and causes irreparable damage to the track and the slider. For this situation, our company has installed the automatic oil supply system on the single-plate rotary cutting machine, the sharpening machine, the four-side saw and other products using linear guides. An organ cover is also installed to prevent foreign matter from entering the track.

Machine parts   Machine parts

Each of our spindle veneer peeling machine is equipped with two rotary cutters and two toolboxes, which saves the customer's tooling time and increases the productivity of the equipment. When a knife is running on the rotary cutter, the worker can grind the other knife with the sharpener, and then it can be installed in the knife box. When the rotary cutter needs to be replaced, it can be replaced by the crane. At the same time, it is different from the ordinary rotary cutting machine. This equipment is also equipped with a hydraulic automatic fixed knife system. It is no longer necessary to manually adjust the screws to tighten and then adjust the size of the knife to the left and right. The process of changing the rotary cutter for this device takes only 5 minutes to complete.

Machine parts     Machine parts

 These are just some of the accessories of our company's veneer  machine products. If you want to know more about the veneer peeling machine, sanding machine, hot press and other plywood products, please contact our sales staff or leave a message on the website.




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