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What does it mean when your veneer dryer machine smells like it is burning

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First, we will talk about  the veneer dryer.

The veneer produced by the veneer peeling machine contains a large amount of water, which is generally derived from the cooking process of the log before entering the veneer peeling machine or the moisture of the fresh log, and the dehumidification and heat bonding in the production of the plywood. A variety of gluing methods require a very low moisture content of the veneer. Therefore, the veneer must be dried to remove moisture from the veneer, and finally achieve the moisture content required for gluing, and the veneer moisture content should be uniform, and the upper and lower deviations should not be greater than 1%-2%. When the water content is large, defects such as degumming, bubbling, and surface penetration are generated.

A dryer with a steam-heated humid air as a drying medium in a veneer dryer is the most widely used. The machine is mainly heated by a fan, and is blown vertically on the surface of the veneer by a nozzle. The wind speed is 15-20m/s. This airflow breaks through the moisture critical layer on the surface of the veneer, so that the moisture in the plate can be Moves quickly and is quickly taken away by the circulating air medium.

According to the above overview, we analyze that if there is burning or burning smell in the dryer, it is generally caused by the following reasons:

1、The relative humidity of the air inside the dryer is too low, and the temperature is too high, which will cause the veneer to burn and even burn. At this time, the system parameters should be adjusted to match the tree species, thickness, and initial moisture content of the dried veneer, and adjusted to the dryer operating parameters suitable for the veneer.

2、The residence time of the veneer in the dryer is too long, and the drying time is too long. At this time, the dryer transmission system should be checked, especially if the motor is running normally, whether the roller and the roller bearing are damaged, whether the roller bearing should be filled with lubricating oil, and whether the transmission chain is intact.

3、The dryer with heat transfer oil as the drying medium generally has a heating temperature 30-50 degrees higher than the temperature of the steam as the drying medium, and checks whether the equipment matches the initial moisture content and the final moisture content of the veneer. Use a hot air dryer with biomass such as bark as the burning material to check whether the hot air pipe leaks. If there is a leak, the veneer will burn.

4、Check if the operation of the dryer cold air zone is normal. Check if the cold air motor is running.

Pay attention to the process of using the veneer dryer

1、The veneer dryer must be disassembled and debugged by professionals to avoid equipment damage or unsafe accidents;

2、If there is a fault, turn off the power in time;

3、It is strictly forbidden to work with electricity;

4、must do regular maintenance work;

5、Gear oil must be added to reducer and fan before starting;

6、Check whether the operation of all parts of the dryer is normal before starting the machine every day;

7、Fill oil to the conveyor chain every day to check for signs of breakage;

8、The stigma at both ends of the upper roller should be filled with high-temperature butter every 5 days. The two bearings of the lower roller should be added with oil or butter every five days;

9、Check the fan block and reducer every 30 days to add a high temperature engine oil;

10、Check the connection of each line of the motor and control cabinet every 30 days for looseness and blackening of the wires;

The installation and maintenance of continuous veneer dryers is more difficult than other plywood veneer production line such as veneer peeling machines, hot press, sanding machine, etc., and is also the most valuable equipment in plywood production equipment, so before purchase, customers can provide the relevant data to us, we can customize the production of veneer dryer according to customer needs.




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