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plywood trimming saw type

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As mentioned before, the classification problem of the plywood trimming saw is explained by the degree of automation of the equipment. Today we explain the classification of the four-sided saw according to the size of the equipment.

1、4*8 feet plywood trimming saw. The final size of this four-side saw-cut plywood is 1220mm*2440mm. This size is the size of the plywood we use every day. It is left on each side of the plywood according to the permissible error and the principle that the four-sided saw frame is larger than the plywood. The remaining material of 40mm, so that the size of the plywood of the sheet blank should be 1300*2520mm, so the frame of the four-side saw should be 2550mm*1350mm*1300mm. The fuselage is made of 45# steel, which is slightly lighter, making the equipment run more stable.

2、3*6 feet plywood trimming saw. The final size of this four-side saw-cut plywood is 915mm*1830mm, which is commonly used as a building formwork.

Plywood trimming saw

The picture above shows the saw assembly of the fixed size four-side saw.

3、Non-fixed plywood trimming saw. The four-sided saw circular saw assembly is movable, with a ball linear guide or a circular linear guide under the saw assembly, and some manufacturers use a dovetail guide.

Plywood trimming saw


The above picture shows the non-fixed four-side saw assembly.

The size of the circular saw of the four-sided saw is related to the thickness of the panel to be cut by the customer. Generally, the diameter of the circular saw is 150-305 mm, and the number of teeth is controlled between 60-100. The four-sided saw produced by our factory will provide customers with two pairs of alloy circular saws.

The four-side saw for plywood produced by our company has high automation degree, compact structure and small floor space. The PLC-based programmable control system controls the lifting, feeding, sawing and dust removal equipment in real time during the production process. Reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve work efficiency.

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