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4 Feet Spindle Less Wood Veneer Rotary Peeling Machine

This machine can be used for the rotary cutting of softwood and hardwood with diameter lower than 500mm.The peeling speed can be adjusted.
Max. Log Diameter:
Max. Log Length:
Veneer Thickness:
  • CS-4D1S2G1-2

  • Changsheng

  • 8465960000

4 Feet Spindle Less Wood Veneer Rotary Peeling Machine


      This machine can be used for the rotary cutting of softwood and hardwood with diameter lower than 500mm.The peeling speed can be adjusted.

4 feet rotary cutting machineThe advantages of this machine are:

1. CNC rotary peeling machine

2. Easy adjust knife seam function and convenient disassembly.

3. Cutting diameter 500mm .

4. An advanced CNC system ensures the veneers cut uniformly with a thickness tolerance of ± 0.05mm 

5. It is equipped touch screen , very convenient to change thickness and other parameters . 

6.  A two-in-one structure, peeling and cutting together, reduces both the space and operators.Your costs is greatly lowered.

7. Automatic speed down when peeling end.

The quality of the veneer determines the quality of the plywood, so controlling the quality of the veneer is the premise and the most important part of producing standard plywood.

      veneer peeling machine is a very technical equipment in plywood line equipment.

Product Description

4 feet rotary cutting machine


    1.Various sizes are 4 feet, 6 feet, 8 feet, etc.


     2.This is one of our machines, we can also design and manufacture machines according to your requirements



          our company can provide customers with a complete set of plywood production solutions according to customer needs.

Power of Single Roller Motor KW 7.5
Power of Double Roller Motor KW 7.5*2
Power of Screw Feeding Motor KW 7.5/11(servo motor)
Power of Clipper Motor KW 1.5
Power of Rubber Roller Motor KW 1.5
Total Power KW 33/36.5
Roller Reducer
R87 Helical Gear Reducer
Screw Feeding Reducer
R87 Helical Gear Reducer
Clipper Reducer
Rubber Roller Reducer
Segments of single roller
Segments of double roller
Diameter of single roller MM 117
Diameter of double roller MM 122
Diameter of rubber roller MM 150
Peeling Knife Size MM (L)1500*(W)140/160*(T)12.7
Max. Log Length MM 1500
Max. Log Diameter MM 500
Min. Last Core Diameter MM 30
Veneer Output Speed M/MIN 23-60(Adjustable speed )
Veneer Thickness MM 0.3-3.0
Machine Size MM (L)4450*(W)2100*(H)1700
Machine Weight KG 6500
Suitable For
Poplar, eucalyptus etc.

plywood veneer production line

plywood veneer production line

      wood veneer peeling machine is important equipment in plywood production line and venner production line. It main to peeling off small diameter (max diameter to 700mm),wood and peeling plywood core plate, automatic peeling, cutting veneer, fast. Veneer size can be  change, fully automated production. For eucalyptus, hybrid wood, etc. and so on. 

Our Services


1.Free consultation about the equipment.

2.Reasonable purchasing plan and the production line designing plan are offered according to the clients' special requirment to help you to select the most suitable ma.chinery.

3.Welcome to visit our factory and check our machine


1.We inspect and test the machine before delivery.

2.We are willing to freely tran your technicist and first-line operator.


                                                       1.Engineers are available to service overseas.

                                                               2.Videos about installing and debuging the equipment.

Company Information

plywood veneer production line-水印压缩

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