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6 Feet Spindleless Rotary Veneer Peeling Machine

This rotary cutter is used to cut 2200 mm logs, mainly for poplar, eucalyptus and other wood. This machine can produce more standard veneers.And the output will be 15% higher than common machine.
  • CS-6D2S2G11SP

  • Changsheng

  • 8465960000

6 Feet Spindleless Rotary Veneer Peeling Machine

Product Description:

1. Automatic Servo Motors

2. High speed and adjustable speed from 30-80 m/min

3. Both side of core veneer will be smooth

4. High thickness of steel frame makes the weight heavy

5. Voltage can adjust according to different countries situation

6 feet veneer peeling machine

Power of Single Roller Motor KW 7.5*2
Power of Double Roller Motor KW 7.5*2
Power of Screw Feeding Motor KW 7.5/11(servo motor)
Power of Clipper Motor KW 2.2
Power of Rubber Roller Motor KW 2.2
Total Power KW 41.9/45.4
Guiding rail type
HIWIN Linear guiding rail
Roller Reducer
R87 Helical Gear Reducer
Screw Feeding Reducer
R87 Helical Gear Reducer
Clipper Reducer
Rubber Roller Reducer
Peeling Knife Size MM (L)2200*(W)140*(T)12.7
Max. Log Length MM 2200
Max. Log Diameter MM 600
Min. Last Core Diameter MM 30
Veneer Output Speed M/MIN 30-80(Adjustable Speed)
Veneer Thickness MM 0.3-3.0
Machine Size MM (L)5200*(W)1750*(H)1500
Machine Weight KG 7500
Suitable For
Poplar, Eucalyptus etc.

Can be customized according to customer requirements.

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